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  • Wildlife is everywhere, including eagles
  • Wildlife is everywhere, including seals

Helping to Build

    Environmental Awareness

and Respect

why choose seacoast expeditions?

Fast whale watching zodiac As Victoria's founding whale watching company we set the standard and continue to be the leaders in providing the highest level of customer service, education, and responsibility found in our industry. Your safety is our top priority. The Seacoast Expeditions vessels, captains, and crew are all transport Canada Safety Certified. Our staff pride themselves on providing the friendliest customer service and a superior whale watching / eco adventure experience that is safe, educational, fun, and exhilarating for all ages.

Take a tour with Victoria's original whale watching company; experience the ecosystem including wildlife from the deep. Orcas, humpbacks, porpoises, elephant seals, eagles, otters - these are just a few of the incredible animals you are likely to meet aboard a Seacoast Expeditions excursion.

With over 25 years of experience in eco adventure and whale watching tours our expertise and local knowledge are unsurpassed. Our tours are by far the most comprehensive and educationally enriching in our area. Seacoast Expeditions simply offers so much more. More boats, more sightings, more education, more naturalists, more environmental responsibility.

more boats

Orca Spirit covered whale watching boat With more boats in our fleet (all with onboard washrooms), you can always book a tour with us, even during the high season. Get comfortable inside the covered Orca Spirit or suit up and climb aboard an exhilarating, state of the art Zodiac for the ride of your life.

more education

Prior to every tour, we provide a complimentary educational orientation session in our classroom facilities, including a 15-minute marine wildlife video. Our on board University-educated naturalists are there to answer your questions and provide wildlife and natural history information.

more sightings

Orca surfacing Owning and operating Victoria's only spotting network, we know where the whales are first. Our boats are fast, allowing us to cover a wider range of territory, greatly increasing the chances that you'll get personal with some of the Pacific's marine wildlife.

more responsibility

We have been instrumental in the creation of comprehensive whale watching guidelines and you can be assured that we practice respect on the waters. And, our boats are powered by four-stroke Yamaha engines; these engines are ultra-quiet and so clean-running they exceed Federal standards.

what to expect

The whale watching tours are both exciting and information. Although no tours are identical the following are examples of what you can expect to experience while on one of our tours:

  • A responsible skipper to ensure your safety and comfort
  • Educated descriptions of local wildlife and ecology
  • A natural history of the Victoria area and the water through which you travel
  • Unsurpassed views of local islands and historical lighthouses
  • Informative and educational descriptions of our resident orca whales
  • A typical round trip may range anywhere from 20 to 90 nautical miles through the waters surrounding Vancouver Island
  • These tours are not a one way flow of information, your input and questions are essential to an unforgettable experience

We strive to make your time with us the highlight of your vacation. We accomplish this by combining the excitement of the zodiac ride with the natural beauty of the coastline an educational experience with our local marine life.